An Honourable Glaive who Metes Out Justice


Stat Pool Values

Might: 11 (Glaive base) + 2 ( Honorable) + 4 (initial bonus) = 17
Speed: 10 (Glaive base) + 2 (initial bonus) = 12
Intellect: 7

Trained Skills

Balancing / Climbing / Jumping / Swimming (choose one; Glaive)
Pleasant Social Interactions (Honorable)
Discern True Motives (Honorable)
See Through Lies (Honorable)


Medium Armor (scale armor)
Medium Weapon (battle axe)
Shield (from Metes Out Justice)
Heavy Crossbow
9 Heavy Crossbow Bolts
basic clothing


White-Noise Generator: A thumb-sized bit of moldable synth that generates constant, soft static.

Mutagen Grenade / Holy Hand Grenade: Ceramic sphere the size of a pool ball. Throwable. Inflicts 4 Damage and a Harmful Mutation. Level 4. [Single hit target]

Tactical Nuclear Weapon: Disk the size of a quarter. Place on ground, wave hands, speak a time [requires the full round action ] —> 20 damage to all within 1 mile + radiation cloud. Given by father to “do good things.”



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